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Creating 10,000 self made millionaires with the help of Decentralised System.


Eradication of unemployment from India while creating a better everyday life for the many people where power and resources are shared, everyone lives in dignity, poverty and inequality are no more with the help of Blockchain Technology.

Who I Am..

Hi, I’m Tajvendra Singh Rawat from Pauri Garhwal (Devbhoomi Uttarakhand). Speak both langauges Hindi and English born in Prayagraj (U.P). Son of a Sr. nursing officer and a Policeman, Home at Ramnagar (Nainital). Being an average student completed my Intermediate and High school from Uttarakhand went for higher education in Mechanical Engineering from Faridabad(Haryana) & part of Delhi NCR passed out in 2014 with 60.01 CGPA. Worked in BPO’s(Call Centres) as an IT Recruiter, Logistics, NGO etc. Didn’t went for post graduation but I continued learning things pursuing Digital Marketing these days. Got many opportunities in life thanks to God but never was satisfied with what I was making out of them. Corona times vacated my job then in late 2022 I came through the best opportunity of my life through which a 16 year old kid is making 5 Lakh Rs. a month as well as a 60 year old is earning 8 Lakh Rs. which is a single day income with decentralized system based on Blockchain Technology. If you are interested in working with me kindly fill out the form below. You can also follow me on Instagram/social media and other platforms. Feel free to follow and like.Waiting to change your life with my personal guidance and mentoring. My own mentor from which I am learning and understanding the system, you will also get access to him.Empowering India Join me on the journey let’s work together.

Team Members

Tajvendra Singh Rawat
Veerendra Sir